JPN Nagano


Track info

Track name:
Nagano Bobsleigh and Luge Park
WCH's years:
2003 WCH
OWG's years:
1998 OWG
Total length:
1700 m
Competition length:
1360 m
Start altitude:
1028 m
Finish altitude:
922 m
Maximum gradient:
15.00 %
Average gradient:
7.00 %
Vertical drop:
112.00 m
Number of curves:

Contact information

Keiichi Kazama (Track Chief)
[email protected]
3700 Nakasone, Nagano City 381-0074, Japan

Track history

Built in 1996 to host OWG.
It is Asia's first track using artificial ice.
Since the natural environment was most considered, the track has 2 uphills and adopted an indirect cooling method for reduction of the amount of ammonia to promote the conservation of the earth's atmosphere.

Did you know that…?

It is located in the most eastern area among the tracks in the world.

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