SUI St. Moritz - Celerina


Track info

Track name:
St. Moritz-Celerina Olympia Bobrun
WCH's years:
1931 WCH 4-Man Bobsleigh
1935 WCH 4-man Bobsleigh
1937 WCH 4-man Bobsleigh
1938 WCH 2-Man Bobsleigh
1939 WCH 2-Man Bobsleigh
1947 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1955 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1957 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1959 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1965 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1970 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1974 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1977 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1982 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1982 WCH Skeleton
1987 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1989 WCH Skeleton
1990 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1997 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
1998 WCH Skeleton
2001 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh
2007 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh, Women’s Bosbleigh & Skeleton
2013 WCH 2-Man & 4-Man Bosbleigh, Women’s Bosbleigh & Skeleton
OWG's years:
1928 OWG (Cresta Run St. Moritz)
1948 OWG (Cresta Run St. Moritz)
Total length:
1962 m
Competition length:
1722 m
Start altitude:
1852 m
Finish altitude:
1738 m
Maximum gradient:
15.00 %
Average gradient:
8.00 %
Vertical drop:
130.00 m
Number of curves:

Contact information

Gregor Stähli
[email protected]
0041 81 8300 200
Plazza Gunter Sachs
7500 St. Moritz

Track history

The history of the Olympia Bobrun goes back to the end of the 19th century. The mainly British Winter guests were looking for a facility where they could practice the sport they had only just invented after that this elitist group of bob enthusiasts - who had been associated within the St. Moritz Bobsleigh Club,– had been squabbling with their colleagues of the skeleton sector within the St. Moritz Tobogganing Club about the use of the Cresta Run. It took, however, until 1903 when a bob track was designed, which was built and was inaugurated by holding a bob race on 1st January 1904.Today the ice run still leads from the St. Moritz Badrutt’s Park through the Swiss stone pine forest, to the Celerina-Cresta. The course of the St. Moritz bob track is still more or less the same today.

Did you know that…?

The bob run St. Moritz - Celerina operates since 1904. This makes the ice track in the Upper Engadin the oldest bob run and also the last remaining natural ice bob track in the world. All the other tracks in Europe, North America and Japan have to be frozen artificially, since they are located in climatically less favorable altitudes.
Some people call it the biggest ice sculpture in the World.

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