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GER Altenberg


Track info

Track name:
WCH's years:
1991 WCH Bob
1994 WCH Skeleton
1999 WCH Skeleton
2000 WCH Bob
2008 WCH Bob/Skeleton
2020 WCH Bob/Skeleton
Total length:
1413 m
Competition length:
1413 m
Start altitude:
785 m
Finish altitude:
660 m
Maximum gradient:
15.00 %
Average gradient:
8.66 %
Vertical drop:
122.22 m
Number of curves:
17 Curves (7 left and 10 right)

Contact information

Jens Morgenstern

+49 (0) 35056 35120

Neuer Kohlgrundweg 1 
01773 Altenberg 

Track history

The track was built from 1983 to 1987  with the purpose to create the most difficult artifical ice track in the world.

Did you know that…?

It is one of the most challenging tracks.
In 1985 curves 11 and 12 had to be blown away and were completely rebuilt.

Photo Gallery