GER Oberhof


Track info

Track name:
Rennrodelbahn Oberhof
WCH's years:
luge: 1973, 1985, 2008
Total length:
1354,50 m
Competition length:
1069,70 m
Start altitude:
830 m
Finish altitude:
735 m
Maximum gradient:
36.40 %
Average gradient:
9.20 %
Vertical drop:
95.00 m
Number of curves:

Contact information

Ralf Heidenbluth
[email protected]
+49 (0)36842 / 520-840

Rennrodelbahn Oberhof
Alte Ohrdrufer Straße 6
98559 Oberhof

Track history

The track Oberhof was inaugurated in 1971 as the second artificial ice-canal in the world.

1969 Start of the planning 

1970 Start of earth & development work

1971 First "test icing" in spring
           First official training in September
           First competition in December:
           DDR championship in luge
           Competition length: 930.40 m (women's sled+double, skeleton women)

1972 Test World Cup as an international premiere

1973 Oberhof is the host of the luge world championships

1974 January - First bobsleigh competition on the Oberhof track

1979 European championships luge

1985 Oberhof hosts a luge championship for the second time 

1992 German championships luge

1993 World Cup Skeleton

1996 World Cup final as the last competition before the rebuilding of the track from April till October: reconstruction work

1997 World Cup and World Junior Championship luge

1998 European championship luge

2002 Reconstruction of the ammoniac lines, curve 14 is accessible to spectators

2004 39th European Championships luge

2006 Extension of the braking distance, new mens start, womens start and weighing house, change of the curve profile (curve 7)

2008 Host the world championships

2017 First Para-Sport World Cup Bob

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