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CAN Calgary


Track info

Track name:
Calgary's WinSport Bobsleigh/Luge Track
WCH's years:
2005 WCH Bobsleigh
OWG's years:
1988 OWG
Total length:
1494 m
Competition length:
1494 m Bob/Skeleton
Start altitude:
1251 m
Finish altitude:
1130 m
Maximum gradient:
15.00 %
Average gradient:
8.00 %
Vertical drop:
121.00 m
Number of curves:

Contact information

Tyler Seitz
[email protected]
88 Canada Olympic Road SW T3B 5R5

Track history

Built in 1986 for the '88 Olympic Games.

Did you know that…?

It is the first track to have an "intersection" where 5 bobsleigh corners meet up with 5 Luge corners and join going into corner 6.

Photo Gallery